Alan is actively seeking a publisher for his first two books. He is currently writing the third book of the series.

His dream is to write and publish a series of books telling the history of the United States through the eyes of young immigrant children. “If readers connect with my immigrant characters, perhaps we, as a nation, will see we have more in common than we first thought. Perhaps we might become more accepting of one another. Perhaps we might even go beyond acceptance and move on to celebrate the special and spectacular differences we bring to this great nation!

“Eating a salad with nothing but iceberg lettuce is not only unsavory, it is also lacks nutritional value. Add in bright red tomatoes, cool cucumbers, crunchy carrots, black olives, and some cubes of cheese, and now we are talking! Life is better when we live as a salad bowl, not a melting pot!”

Sakari’s Brave New World

Sakari’s tribe is slowly starving. The woolly mammoths that have sustained her people for generations have all disappeared. In order to survive, eleven-year-old Sakari and her people must cross the great ice field no human has ever crossed before. Facing untold danger, Sakari finds within herself a level of bravery she did not know existed. Guided by her grandmother’s steadfast love, she unknowingly becomes the first person to enter the New World, a land that one day would become the United States of America.

John Wilkin’s New Plymouth

In 1623 John Wilkins crossed the great Atlantic Ocean to be reunited with his father, who had sailed on the Mayflower some three years earlier. John Wilkin’s New Plymouth is the story of a eleven-year-old boy who leaves a robust European metropolis and immigrates to a tiny, fledgling village in the New World. As John endeavors to find his way in this new place, he develops a dangerous fascination with New Plymouth’s neighbors, the Wampanoag Indians. While John learns what it takes to survive in seventeenth century New England, he also struggles to discern the purpose his Separatist God has for him in this promising new land.

Amadi: Unwilling Immigrant

After a night of great celebration, Amadi, the eleven-year-old son of an African judge, is kidnapped and sold into slavery. Amadi: Unwilling Immigrant is the story of survival in spite of inconceivable injustice. Amadi faces one hardship after another. Barely surviving the inhumane trip across the ocean, he is put up for auction and sold to a Virginia tobacco farmer. Amadi struggles to find peace and joy in a land that has given him heartache and agony.


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