Climbing My Family Tree, Part 25

Immigrants John Spear & Catherine Kelly Spear, Robert Spear; John McLean & Martha Smythe; Richard Lamb & Elizabeth Lamb, Agnes Lamb

How’s about yee? I have uncovered me some Irish roots in the old family tree!

The Spear Family, the McLean family, and the Lamb Family all hailed from Northern Ireland. John Spear (my eight times great-grandfather), his wife, Catherine Kelly Spear, and their youngest son, Robert Spear, immigrated from Londonderry soon after the siege of that town in 1689. Continue reading


Climbing My Family Tree, Part 18

Immigrants Henry Baldwin, Sr, Ezekiel & Susanna Richardson

Last week we learned about immigrant John Taylor and his wife, Julia A. Dyer (my three times great-grandparents). Julia was born and grew up in New Sharon, Maine in the 1800s, but several of her ancestors sailed here from England in the 1600s. Continue reading

Climbing My Family Tree, Part 10

Immigrants William Reed & Mabel Kendall, Francis Wyman & Abigail Justice Reed

Normally we do not think of Massachusetts as a slave state, but there were African-American and Native American slaves in Massachusetts as far back as the 1630s. I am displeased to acknowledge one of my ancestors, Francis Wyman (my eight times great-grandfather) was a slave owner. Continue reading