Climbing My Family Tree, Part 19

Immigrants Samuel Bagnall, Elizabeth Whitehouse, James Cantelo, Mary Salmon, Elizabeth Ann Dix Cantelo

Samuel Bagnall and Elizabeth Whitehouse (my five times great-grandparents) were born in Derbyshire, England. They sailed for Philadelphia in the mid-1700’s, residing there for a time before moving on to Tryon County, New York.

Samuel, a cabinet maker, prospered so well in the New World it was said he was able to provide his oldest daughter with a dowry equal to her weight in gold coins.

But then came the American Revolution.  Continue reading

Climbing My Family Tree, Part 15

Immigrants Austin Kilham, Alice Gorball, and John Kilham

Austin “Augustine” Kilham (my nine times great-grandfather) sailed from England with his wife, Alice Gorball, and their three children on the Mary Anne in 1637. His son, John (my eight times great-grandfather), was nine years old at the time.  Continue reading

Climbing My Family Tree, Part 13

Immigrants William Kinge and Dorothy Hayne 

When I think of the King family line, I normally think of my mother’s side of the family—her maiden name is King. But there are Kings on my father’s side of the family as well.

Originally spelled Kinge, William Kinge (my nine times great-grandfather) was a religious rebel of his day. He was banished from the First Church at Salem (Massachusetts) and was forced to surrender his gun.  Continue reading

Climbing My Family Tree, Part Nine

Immigrant John Fillmore

This week we turn to tales of high sea adventure, complete with swarthy pirates, and we even come across an American president. Continue reading

Climbing My Family Tree, Part Seven

Immigrants William Simpson & Janet Winchester Simpson, and William Clark & Helen Simpson Clark

This week I fudge just a little bit. My five times great-grandparents, William Simpson and Janet Winchester Simpson, didn’t immigrate to the United States, but rather to Prince Edward Island, Canada. William Clark, my four times great-grandfather, found himself in Boston, but only briefly.

What intrigues me most about the Simpsons and the Clarks is that their family lines originated in Scotland. Their stories include an escaped kidnapping and a shipwreck—complete with eight young children on board!  Continue reading

Climbing My Family Tree, Part Five

Immigrants Palmer Tingley, Anna Fosdick Tingley, & Stephen Fosdick

Palmer Tingley, my nine times great-grandfather, was born in Kingston-on-Thames, England in 1614. Palmer was a miller by trade, and at the age of 21 he boarded a ship departing London, headed for New England. The Planter set sail in mid-April, 1635, safely arriving in Boston harbor several weeks later.

Palmer was a “good churchman” and carried a certificate to prove so on his journey to America.

Two years later, Palmer fought in the Pequot War of 1637. Continue reading

Climbing My Family Tree, Part Three

Immigrant Hazel Adelia Weldon de Meurers

My closest immigrant ancestor is my grandmother on my father’s side of the family, Hazel Adelia Weldon de Meurers. Hazel was born in Dorchester, (Westmorland County), New Brunswick, Canada on July 8, 1912. She was the oldest of four children.

Most of my grandmother’s ancestors can be traced back to England, but she also had a two times great-grandmother who was born in Scotland, and a five times great-grandmother who was a Wampanoag Indian. Continue reading