Black or White Thinking

Much ado has been made of late regarding red states and blue states, red politicians, and blue politicians. Many theorists would attribute the current social climate in the United States to this phenomenon. I disagree.

From my viewpoint, our struggle is not that we are divided red and blue, but that we tend to view most everything surrounding us as Black or White.

Black and White Butterfly

{Author’s note: In this post, “Black or White” is a metaphor for seeing people and events as “all good,” or “pure evil,” with no gray area in-between. The term is not intended as a comment on race.}  Continue reading


Climbing My Family Tree, Part 13

Immigrants William Kinge and Dorothy Hayne 

When I think of the King family line, I normally think of my mother’s side of the family—her maiden name is King. But there are Kings on my father’s side of the family as well.

Originally spelled Kinge, William Kinge (my nine times great-grandfather) was a religious rebel of his day. He was banished from the First Church at Salem (Massachusetts) and was forced to surrender his gun.  Continue reading