Immigrants Who Have Changed America and the World

In her article, Ten Immigrants that have Changed America, and the World!, Katie Andersson reminds us immigrants have always been pivotal in American history. She highlights but ten of the thousands who came here to seek a better life, and who made a substantial contribution to the American way of life.

To read her article in full, click here.

Looking at the list, it is hard for me to tell. At what year should we have closed off immigration? Who could we have lived without?

If we reverse our nation’s history starting today, and we close our doors to all new immigrants, who will we be shutting out? Perhaps someone with the future answer to the energy crisis? Someone who has the answer to peace in the Middle East? Maybe someone who will be a great teacher and will make a positive difference in the lives of hundreds of school children, each of whom will grow up with the potential for greatness.

Let us not close our doors to legal immigration, but welcome the next generation of immigrants. Let us help them settle in this land as almost all our ancestors once did. Let us support them so they, too, can add to this great nation of immigrants.


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